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Succinct Suffix Array


The Succinct Suffix Array (SSA) is a wavelet tree FM-index that gives to the wavelet tree the shape of the Huffman tree of the text.

The size of the index built on a string $ T[1,n]$ is bounded by $ n(H_0(T)+1)(1+o(1))$ bits, where $ H_0(T)$ is the 0-th order empirical entropy of $ T$.

Using the SSA, the counting of the occurrences of an arbitrary pattern $ P[1,p]$ as a substring of $ T$ takes on average $ O(p H_0)$ time.


Veli Mäkinen, R. González


free_text: The text will be freed immediately after using it.

samplerate=<number>: The index marks one text position every <number> entries. The default value is 64.


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V. Mäkinen and G. Navarro. Succinct suffix arrays based on run-length encoding. Nordic Journal of Computing 12(1):40-66, 2005.


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